Clouds and Butts

Browsers nowadays provide lots of ways to personalize your experience. Firefox has its Add Ons and Chrome has Extensions. These can be great for enhancing your browser, from increasing productivity, personalizing themes, or even adding just a little humor to your day to day surfing.

Extensions can be dangerous, though. From extensions with poor security to AdWare vendors taking advantage of auto-updates to install malware in previously trusted extensions, you have to keep as watchful eye on extensions as any software you would install and run on your computer. But there's one danger that I doubt any security or news outlet will warn you about:


Out with the old, in with my Butt.

That's right. Last week, I tried out a very popular (and I admit, hilarious) Chrome extension Cloud to Butt Plus. Install this little extension and it will do one thing: replace every instance it finds of the 'cloud' (or 'the cloud') online with 'butt' (or 'my butt'). I guarantee if you install this extension, you will forget about it until it strikes hours or days later. Hilarity ensues. But it's not all fun and games...

Cloud to Butt replaces every cloud it finds, regardless of where in the page it is. This includes unexpected places, such as input fields. Just last week, while working on the website at work (by the way, have you seen the new section for developers?), I signed into Drupal to edit a couple pages. As the page content loaded to be edited, Cloud to Butt happily traversed the text areas, explaining everything you would want to know about butt-based architectures and undersubscribed butt networks.

So beware, anybody who works with butt storage or who would like to harness the power of my butt. You never know when a humorous extension may really surprise you.