Wakamoleguy.com Launch

Hi. My name is Will Mitchell, but I often go by wakamoleguy. Today marks the launch of wakamoleguy.com, my new site. Okay, so it has been up since Saturday, but it didn't have any content on it until now.

What is wakamoleguy.com? It's my website. For the time being, that means it's my personal blog. I'll keep the subject matter pretty technical, although I won't commit to talking about any one topic. I'll write what I know. Since I'm currently doing a lot of web development, that probably means mostly JavaScript and HTML5 posts at first.

As I write and accumulate examples, I hope to host those on wakamoleguy.com as well. Experiments and proofs of concept may show up here, too. In the end, I hope it will become my home on the web.

If you experience a delay when visiting this site, please excuse me. I am using free Heroku hosting which takes five or ten seconds to wake up after inactivity. Anyways, thank you for putting up with it, welcome, and enjoy your stay!